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Root Canal Treatments – What Should You Expect

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Root Canal Treatments

Do you have an upcoming root canal? We’re happy to inform you that, despite the anxiety some patients feel at the thought of a root canal, treatment techniques have advanced to the point where patients no longer need to worry.

If found in time, an infected tooth may be successfully treated and saved with a root canal.

What can you anticipate before, during, and following a root canal procedure?

Before Treatment

The dentist will conduct a preliminary examination before deciding whether root canal therapy is your best option for keeping it. A tooth that hurts most likely has a cavity.

Some holes may be filled. These cavities are typically shallow to medium depths. They can usually be cleaned and protected while the tooth is replaced with metal or composite because they are typically minor.

Your dentist will recommend getting a root canal if the cavity is too advanced to be treated this way. They will set up a different appointment for you, giving you extra time to prepare.

A root canal will be suggested by your dentist if they decide the cavity is too advanced for this course of treatment. They will change the appointment time to give you more time to get ready.

You’ll come as usual on the designated day. Your dentist will go over your choices for pain management with you.

Dentists may recommend nitrous oxide or local anaesthetics; however, some patients prefer full sedation.

The procedure for your root canal will then start after this.

During Treatment

You could need an injection to get relief from discomfort or pain during root canal procedures.

In order to perform a root canal, a local anaesthetic is typically used (numbing). To maintain it dry and saliva-free after numbing the tooth area, your dentist may apply a rubber dam.

A rubber dam, or piece of rubber, serves as a barrier between an isolated tooth and the rest of the mouth.

Your dentist will eliminate the bacteria and decay before cleaning the tooth’s canals (roots) using root canal files.

Dentists extract the nerve from canals using root canal files, which are small instruments with an expanding diameter. The tooth will be ready by having a hole drilled into it by your dentist.

Some dentists prefer to hold off on finishing a root canal for a week or two to prevent pain or secondary infection.

In this situation, your dentist will give you sedatives, carefully clean the tooth, and place a temporary filling before continuing.

Gutta-percha, a rubber filling material, is frequently used by dentists to seal the canals after performing the root canal procedure. The tooth will receive a typical filling after the root canal procedure is complete.

After Treatment

Your dentist will put a filling in place once the root canal is finished. There may be some minimal soreness for a few days, similar to the effects of a typical filling. This is usually treated successfully with ibuprofen and other over-the-counter painkillers.

The dentist will typically attach a new crown to the tooth once the procedure is complete and stable. The second line of defence against future decay is added, and the tooth is strengthened to withstand stress fractures.

Tooth decay can frequently be successfully treated with root canal therapy to preserve the tooth. Your problematic tooth will benefit, so the concern is no need.

Save Your Teeth with Root Canal at Dentists on Vincent Leederville

You can maintain your oral health and keep a tooth by getting a root canal.

Dentists on Vincent Leederville offer a child-friendly environment as we address your apprehension towards treatment.

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