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Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

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Soft Tissue Laser Treatment Leederville

Soft tissue laser treatment is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology in general dentistry. It’s easy to perform and allows very quick and comfortable procedures for our patients.

soft tissue laser treatment leederville
Lasers are highly versatile tools that allow dentists to provide treatments that are more comfortable, have shortened treatment time, and help patients more effectively get the treatments they need.

Although laser treatments may sound like a big deal, they are actually simple, quick, and painless.

Most procedures do not involve an anaesthetic injection, but rather an application of topical anaesthesia to the outside of the gum tissue that needs treatment.

There will be a minimal post-procedure discomfort, and some patients describe the feeling as being similar to having been burned by a hot piece of food.

Healing time is very quick – usually, just a few days are required for the area to be completely back to normal – and bleeding during the procedure is almost non-existent.

Lasers target the treatment area with great precision in order to minimise or avoid damage to any nearby areas. The laser stops bleeding, seals nerve endings, and greatly reduces any post-treatment inflammation and associated discomfort. Additionally, lasers are wonderfully hygienic.


Common Procedures with Soft Tissue Laser

Common soft tissue procedures include:

Treating a “gummy smile.” Lasers are used to reshape a “gummy smile,” in which the gums’ length covers much of the tooth, and only a small portion of the teeth is visible.

Crown lengthening. This procedure reshapes both gum tissue and bone for healthier tooth structure, which helps with placing restorations on the teeth.

Treating tongue frenulum attachment. Those with a thick or tight frenulum (the fold of skin under the front part of the tongue that anchors to the mouth floor) may benefit from a laser frenectomy.

This treatment helps children whose restricted frenulum causes them to be tongue-tied, have difficulty breastfeeding, or have a speech impediment.

Removing soft tissue folds. Lasers can remove soft tissue folds from ill-fitting dentures, without pain or sutures.

advantages of using lasers leederville

Advantages of Using Lasers

Lasers are very adaptable, and the technology has advanced greatly over the last 20 years and keeps improving.

These developments have allowed lasers to become more effective and more flexible in our dental practice.

Some of the pros of soft tissue laser include:

  • Less pain and a reduction in the need for anaesthesia
  • Reduced anxiety in patients compared to using a dental drill
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure in treatment of tooth decay
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding during treatments
  • Faster healing
  • Less chance of infection

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Leederville

To learn more about soft tissue laser treatments and how you may benefit from them, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment.

Dentists on Vincent serves local communities in Leederville West Leederville, Northbridge, North Perth, Wembley, Floreat, Mount Hawthorn, Subiaco, Menora, Coolbinia and Jolimont.

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Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Leederville

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We are located at 322 Vincent Street in Leederville.

Frequently Asked

Are lasers safe?
Yes! Lasers have been commonly used in dentistry and other medical fields for several years now and are considered completely safe when used properly.
What will I feel during a laser treatment?
Most patients feel nothing during laser treatments. Some patients report a slight sensation. This varies from patient to patient.
Am I qualified for laser treatment?
Almost all dental patients can receive the benefits of laser treatments. It is especially ideal for children.

Your Leederville dentist can tell you which laser treatments are best for you.

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